Terms & conditions

Bike Bus

The Bike Bus is provided by Exeplore Limited, referred to as Exeplore in this document.

The Bike Bus is a trading name of Exeplore.

1. All bookings and seat reservations are to be paid for in advance, for organised trips that include multiple options we require full payment no later than 30 days prior to travel. Any seat reservations for up-lift are confirmed and paid for when we reach the minimum number of seats sold for your chosen service date.

2. Our staff will always load cycles with great care, However our staff and Exeplore can not be held liable for damage caused by accidents out on the trail or during anytime throughout the day/trip. **This includes the use of the trailer and the loading/unloading of cycles.**

3. The Exeplore staff will ensure that all cycles and connected items loaded onto the trailer are secure. The company asks that any loose items are removed from the cycles prior to transport.

4. We ask that all customers please refrain from eating and drinking on-board the bus.

5. The Bike Bus staff reserve the right to refuse any intoxicated person a seat on the bus.

6. It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages on a public service vehicle.

7. All passengers must produce proof of purchase before admission onto the bus.

8. Exeplore will not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards our staff, anyone being abusive towards our staff will be ejected from the bus*.

*Abusive Behaviour will be reported and further action can be taken*.

Devon Cycling Holidays

  1. The terms of “The Company” - Exeplore limited t/a Devon Cycling Holidays are agreed by nature of purchasing a linked travel arrangement with us.
  2. These terms and conditions are subject to change, in writing from time to time.
  3. The customer is the lead rider and every participant in any activity or service provided by “The Company”.
  4. The activity or service is payable in advance due to the nature of arranging services in the tourism industry.
  5. The customer agrees that any cost in arranging this service is payable no later than 30 days prior to the travel or service date.
  6. The customer agrees to cover the administration costs of providing the linked travel arrangement and that these costs make up the deposit, this is non- refundable.
  7. The Company hold any remaining balance of funds in a client account, these funds will not be accessed until the customer is entirely happy with their holiday.
  8. If “The Company” does not hear to the contrary with in 48 hours of the travel arrangement or holiday finishing then we assume that the customer is entirely satisfied.
  9. The customer is responsible for the hire equipment that we provide for the duration of the hire period.
  10. The customer agrees that any call out and labour costs associated with a non- mechanical fault road or trail side call out is their responsibility and cost.
  11. The customer can opt to buy our insurance and that is offered prior to booking.
  12. Any mechanical fault is repaired or replaced as soon as is reasonably possible.
  13. The term “Self -Led Tour” describes a chosen route being led by the customer and or their group members.
  14. “The Company” does not take responsibility for the accuracy of any mapping or route guidance.  The Customer must satisfy themselves that they can direct themselves around the chosen route entirely.
  15. “The Guide” – company representative leading the ride for the customer is not responsible for the mechanical integrity of the rider’s bikes.
  16. “The Company will make every effort to make sure that the customers experience is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. 
  17. The company is not liable for all the goods and/or services supplied.  The customer accepts that by purchasing a “linked travel arrangement” they accept that their “multiple contracts” are with each individual supplier of each product or service supplied.

Exeplore Limited, 
Western Fields, Ebford, Exeter, EX3 0PA

Registered in England & Wales - 07951174